Prep Your Vehicle for the Midwest Winter or Consider Shopping for a New or Used Vehicle on and Hold on Tight for the Ride Ahead

 Fall is here, and the time has come to begin prepping your car for the winter season. With drastic drops in temperature, icy and slick road conditions, and the need for a reliable vehicle during the sometimes-rough winter months in St. Paul, MN, a few quick tips and a search through is what you’ll need to be certain you’re prepared.

Spotting problems early is a key factor in deciding whether your vehicle can be fixed or maintained or whether you need to purchase a newer vehicle.

  1. Tires: Inspect your tires. In the Upper Midwest, tires are important for traction on the slippery streets and roads. Check to be sure they are properly inflated and that the tire tread is appropriate to give you traction.
  2. Battery: Checking your battery before the weather gets cold and frigid is a wise idea. By doing this, you won’t be left with a dead battery before or after work, when out shopping, or making longer commutes throughout the winter months.
  3. Wiper blades: Do your wiper blades leave streaks across your windshield or jump across instead of gliding smoothly? Check for cracks, broken parts, or missing pieces of rubber on your wiper blades so your visibility is clean and clear through the windshield.
  4. Body: Is the body of your car showing its age? Is the sand and salt from last winter eating through the metal? If this is the case, think safety and consider a trip to your body shop or mechanic or consider a new or used car that is safe and reliable.
  5. Fluids: Check the fluids in your vehicle regularly and be certain to check the radiator for any leaks or cracks. Fill your radiator with the appropriate amount of anti-freeze to keep your vehicle from freezing up during the frigid temperatures.
  6. Pack an emergency kit: It doesn’t matter what season you are experiencing in the Upper Midwest, be certain to pack an emergency kit, especially in the winter. Keep a container in your trunk with candles, matches, water, food, blankets, a flashlight, batteries, booster cables, and a shovel.

If you’re in the St. Paul area and want to be prepared this winter, follow a few simple and quick tips to get your vehicle in tip-top shape from front to back. If your vehicle is older and requires a bit of work, consider purchasing a new or used car or truck that won’t nickel and dime you and your pocketbook. At, there are thousands of new and used vehicles listed through private sellers and local dealerships in the Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin areas from which to choose. Midwest winters can be tough, so prep your vehicle or consider purchasing a new or used vehicle and hold on tight for the ride ahead.

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